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In House: to provide cares and permanent accommodation with daily or periodic visits for relatives, general and disease specific care and trips under care giver, relative, volunteer or guardian supervision


Day Hospital: weekly service modules such as cares provided to inpatients with an optional daily transfer from his home to our facilities. This service can be featured according to client needs and schedule.


Home care: nursing services at home with specific modules for each medical prescriptions (enteral feeding, complex wounds, pain, bladder / naso-enteric tubes, ostomies, oxygen, etc).


Rehabilitation: kinesic therapies take place in the area assisted by a fully equipped gym and controlled by physiotherapists. Treatment for post-stroke cases, permanent or temporary disabilities (stroke, facial paralysis, nerve damage, hip fractures, joint surgery, muscle injuries, etc.)


Heart and breathing: after heart surgery rehabilitation, post-transplant, post myocardial infarction and other cardiomyopathies, pulmonary rehabilitation.


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